Updates in Digital

#1 Instagram is Working on New Updates for IGTV, Public Collections   After recently rolling out IGTV promos in the main feed, Instagram has now also launched a new IGTV layout, including improved search capacity, suggested channels and an updated profile layout.​
#2 Instagram Tests ‘Donation’ Sticker in Stories   The Facebook-owned photo and messaging social app is reportedly testing a donation sticker on Stories as a fundraising tool for organizations and personal causes. Users can search and choose a nonprofit of their liking and when posted on their story, viewers will be able to click through to a donate page. 
#3 TikTok tests native video ads that point to websites   TikTok is testing sponsored videos that direct users of the video-sharing app to an advertiser’s website. The video & music clip will be labeled ‘Sponsored’.  
A lot of new things happened in the Digital Marketing space last two weeks. Here are the top 7 that could be really helpful for us.
#4 Instagram’s new feature competes with Pinterest’s Pin Boards by allowing users to create public albums     Instagram for Android app hints that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service is working on a public “Collections” feature. With this feature, users can organize their favorite, saved Instagram posts into groups and share them with others.   Collection owners would even be able to even grant permission for other Instagram users to contribute to their public collections.​
#5 Canva can now integrate with social media to import and edit pictures directly and also features a schedule option.​   Canva now lets you publish, schedule and manage posts on social media with Canva Schedule. 
#6 Google Will Let You Create Better Responsive Display Ads with the Ad Strength Scorecard​   Creating relevant and helpful display ads is at the top of every advertiser’s mind. Using the ad strength scorecard, you can ensure your responsive display ads are set up for success before they start to show.   Google Ads will check that you have the optimal number of unique headlines, images, and descriptions. To improve your ad strength, try taking the “Next steps” highlighted in the scorecard.​
#7 Google Ads has Two Chart Types in the Report Editor   Google Ads has added 2 more new types of charts in the report editor.

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